Scott Fly Rods

Scott Fly Rods Radian, Tidal, Sector, G series,Flex,  Made in USA

  • Scott Flex Fly Rod

    Scott Fly Rods

    Scott Flex Fly rods

    Fish better with the all new Scott Flex Fly Rod series.  They're a fast action, lightweight fly rod that helps you accurately control and place your casts.  Taking innovations from the award winning Scott Radian and Scott...

  • scott G series fly rods

    Scott Fly Rods

    Scott G series Fly Rods

    Iconic and revolutionary, Scott G rods were first introduced in 1976. And with G, we truly changed fly fishing – by designing the first 9’ 4-weight rod (seriously, the very first 9’ 4 weight). And if that wasn’t big enough, we...

  • Scott Fly Rods

    Scott NZ Special fly rod 9 ft #6

    What a weapon of a rod!!!!!!!!!!! The NZ Special is the ultimate high line speed trout rod for battling big fish in gnarly conditions. If you want to drop a dry fly at short range on monster brown sitting in skinny water then this is not your rod - but...

  • Scott Radian Fly Rod

    Scott Fly Rods

    Scott Radian Fly Rods

    Come and meet the all new Scott Radian Fly Rod. A Scott Fly Rod that has power and line speed with a touch of feel. With dramatically increased recovery speed, the USA made Scott Radian Fly Rod creates a fast action, high speed, high class Fly Fishing...

  • Scott Fly Rods

    Scott Tidal Fly Rods

    Scott designed the new Tidal saltwater fly rods to make the challenges a little less...well...challenging. Accurate presentations to cruising fish and good turnover into the wind are now easier than ever. These salt specific rods load quickly, generate...