Redington Fly Reels

  • Redington

    Redington Behemoth Fly reel

    Our new BEHEMOTH reel combines the most powerful drag in its class with stunning aesthetics that push the limits of fly reel design. The unique, un-machinable, die-cast construction is coupled with a durable, interlocking, large-arbor spool design that...

  • Redington

    Redington Grande - Marine

    Welcome the new heavyweight champion. The GRANDE reel is a fully anodized, machined aluminum reel that features our new sealed SUPER-TORQUE carbon drag system that will KO any fish you hook. After years of field testing, we bulked up the GRANDE with an...

  • Redington

    Redington Rise Fly Reel

    The all new RISE continues our ongoing quest to think beyond the bounds of traditional reel designs. It features a u-shaped large-arbor and a compact carbon fibre drag system that offers smooth fish stopping torque. Lightweight design shows through in...

  • Redington

    Redington Zero Fly reel

    Our ZERO reel sets a new standard for lightweight performance and affordability as the lightest reel in its class. We utilized die-cast construction to create an incredibly lightweight design not achievable with CNCmachining processes. An all-new,...