Cool Stuff

  • Fishpond Thunderhead Roll-Top Dry Bag - Cutthroat Orange


    Fishpond Thunderhead Roll-Top Dry Bag - 2 colours

    Fishpond Thunderhead Roll-Top Dry Bag - 2 colours - Cutthroat Orange and Eco Shale. The thunderhead roll top dry bag is designed to withstand whatever you throw at it. If reliability is rooted in simplicity, it doesn’t get more...

  • Trouthunter Tippet Posts

    Trout Hunter

    Trouthunter Tippet Posts

    Trouthunter Tippet Posts After an extensive search, we have finally tracked down a tippet post that will accommodate the unique large arbor design of the TroutHunter Tippet Spool. This post will easily hold 6 spools of TroutHunter tippet material...

  • Fishpond Confluence Net Release 2.0


    Fishpond Confluence Net Release 2.0

    Fishpond Confluence Net Release 2.0 The perfect accessory to keep your nomad net close and always at the ready. A complete magnetic net release system with the quality and attention to detail you expect from Fishpond. The perfect...

  • Fishpond Lariat Gear Straps


    Fishpond Lariat Gear Straps

    Fishpond Lariat Gear Straps Keep your rod tubes safe and secure with the lariat gear straps. Whether you are hustling through the airport or bashing through the underbrush on the way to the river, you can’t afford to leave anything behind. Keep...

  • Ahrex Flexistripper

    Ahrex Flexistripper

    Ahrex Flexistripper

    Ahrex Flexistripper. The Flexistripper is an easy-to-use alternative to a traditional stripping basket. Compared the Flexistripper features no sides, but has other advantages over the traditional basket.

  • C&F Cap Fly Patch CFA-27

    C&F Design

    C&F Cap Fly Patch CFA-27

    C&F Cap Fly Patch CFA-27 Convenient for temporarily stocking fries during fly rotation. Also suitable for drying wet dries. We use a strong neodymium magnet Size: φ42 A compact fly storage solution for your headwear Utilizes 8 strong...

  • Orvis Encased Stream Thermometer


    Orvis Encased Stream Thermometer

    Orvis Encased Stream Thermometer Encased and protected stream thermometer offers durability and easy accessibility with key ring attachment that clips to a zinger.    

  • Orvis Leader Straightener


    Orvis Leader Straightener

    Orvis Leader Straightener Our straightener eliminates the curl from your leader so you can fight big fish, not coils. Get the kinks out quick with our Leader Straightener. Leather exterior with rubber interior for straightening leaders. Silver...

  • Simms Super Fly Patch


    Simms Super Fly Patch

    Simms Super Fly Patch. The durable Super-Fly Patch® resists deformation and provides constant pressure on the shank of a barbless hook for more secure hold. Durable EVA foam resists deformation Attach to any Simms vest with...

  •  Loon Tin Drops

    Loon Outdoors

    Loon Tin Drops

    Add Weight to Fly with these small tin weights  These non-toxic, tin weights are coated with a durable matte finish that both adds longevity and keeps the weight from sliding on the line. The natural colors and subtle mottled texture won't spook...

  • Vision Stripping Basket


    Vision Stripping Basket

    Keep your line organised and not tangled.  This new Vision stripping basket is a must for fishing along the banks or from a boat.  Your line will last longer and in better shape.  There is also a handy basket for your rod when changing...

  • Vision/Keeper ISO Float Tube


    Vision/Keeper ISO Float Tube (Maximum load capacity 145kg)

    FREE SHIPPING! Keeper Iso float tube is better suited for the heavier people. Its foam filled seat and backrest feel nice and warm and works as an emergency float aid in worst case. The big one compartment side pockets allow you to fit even the...

  • Vision/Keeper Float Tube


    Vision/Keeper Float Tube (Max load capacity 113kg)

    Ready to fish kit float tube comes with pump, fit over fins and a carry all bag.  Great value at only $479.95 with FREE SHIPPING! The float tube has two main air chambers with Boston style valves. The seat and back rest are also inflatable so when...

  • Four large removable see-through zippered mesh material pockets.


    Fishpond Tailwater Fly Tying Kit

    Whether you’re spinning up flies on the road, or your family is just sick of you turning the dining room table into your tying office, this super cool Fly Tying Kit is just for you. Just arrived in stock this kit is perfectly suited to both...