Wading Staffs

We stock a large range of  Wading staffs top brands such as   Simms Snowbee Fishpond 

  • Simms Pro Wading Staff


    Simms Pro Wading Staff

    DESCRIPTION BECOME A WADING WIZARD Sourcing steelhead across the roiling waters of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula is easier with an ally at your side. Simms’ Pro Wading Staff excels against the push and pull thanks to the lightweight, high-strength...

  • Simms wading staff


    Simms wading staff

    BOLSTER YOUR IN-RIVER BALANCE For every cubic foot per second scheming to send you sideways, Simms’ 7075 Aluminum Wading Staff offers a balance-enhancing solution. The durable, 4-section staff has a locking detent button and includes an adjustable...

  • Simms Wading Staff Retractor

    Simms Wading Staff Retractor

    Stay connected. Keep your wading staff secure and at the ready, with this bomber Wading Staff Retractor built with a braided Spectra cable. Featuring an ample 3 ft. of reach, Retractors conveniently connect to both wading staff straps and sheaths...

  • Snowbee Wading Staff

    Snowbee Wading Staff

    Tubular Aluminium construction for light weight and corrosion resistance. Self erecting for one hand operation while fishing. Comfortable rubber-cork grip. Aluminium tip with spike for extra grip. Optional rubber end-cap for silent use. Vinyl carry...