Egi Squid Rods

  • Daiwa

    Daiwa Emeraldas Egi Spin Rod

    Iconic in reputation and revered in design and style the Daiwa Emeraldas family is form meets function in its purest and most unadulterated form. A flawless marriage of class, style and contemporary design and technology Daiwa sets the standard for the...

  • Daiwa

    Daiwa Emeraldas Ags Egi Spin Rod

    AGS features a unique graphite frame that’s more sensitive, lighter, and stronger than metal, and more rigid than any other guide ever made. By using graphite we’ve created unmatched, lightweight components that have taken rod design to the...

    MSRP: $549.95
  • Daiwa

    Daiwa Emeraldas MX Egi Spin Rods

    New Emeraldas MX Refinement, beauty and greatness are all defining qualities that come to mind when describing the legendary Emeraldas name. A name synonymous with egi fishing, the Emeraldas brand is a stamp of excellence, a mark of reliability and an...

    MSRP: $399.00
  • Emeraldas Air AGS

    Light as air, polished and sophisticated, the Emeraldas Air AGS is the latest addition to our brand that has gained a cult-like following and earned an enviable reputation amongst die-hard egi anglers as the finest available. Eging rods require the use...

  • N.S Black Water Egi Rods

    Designed specifically for squid fishing these rods offer excellent sensitivity, casting distance and durability in a high modulus 2 piece blank. The light 7'0" rod is ideal for fishing from a boat or using smaller jigs from shore while the 8'3" and 9'0"...

  • Okuma Epixor Squid Spin rod


    Okuma Epixor Squid Spin rod

    Stunning aesthetics, quality components and slim blanks with crisp actions are just a few of the characteristics that wowed our Pro Team when they picked up the Epixor Squid rods. Balanced for long casts and imparting action into your jigs, with crisp...

  • Okuma

    Okuma Inked Egi Special rod

    Medium8'2"2PE 0.6-1.2EGI 2.5-3.5 A classy squid rod, complete with inked motif, the Okuma Inked EGI Special is built on a balance between the softness in the tip required not to pull jigs and the power in the lower section to make long casts, work the...