Fish ID

  • Australian Fish Guide

    Australian Fish Guide

    This is a beautifully illustrated fish species guide and how to catch them!  An invaluable reference for any angler, fresh or saltwater, wanting to identify their catch.  Detailed descriptions, accurate illustrations of each fish as well as...

  • Sea Fishes of Southern Australia

    Sea Fishes of Southern Australia

    The complete ID book for sea fishes in southern Australia. Over 700 species with 1000 colour illustrations. * Dangerous Fishes and First Aid * Fish Deformities and Parasites * Fish Preservation and Photography * Australian Record Sizes * Edibility

  • VIC Fish ID Guide

    VIC Fish ID Guide

    Pocket sized waterproof fish guide that outlines details on how to catch over 70 species of popular freshwater & saltwater fish in Victoria. The waterproof Victorian Fish Guide fits into your pocket, tackle box or glovebox with ease!

  • Freshwater Fishes of Australia

    Freshwater Fishes of Australia

    A valuable reference for any freshwater angler, this book contains detailed descriptions and accurate illustrations of every freshwater species currently known in Australian Waters. Distinguishing features, habitats, reproduction, sporting qualities,...