Wading Boots

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  • Vision Tossu 2.0 Wading Boots


    Vision Tossu 2.0 Wading Shoes

    Vision Tossu 2.0 Wading Boots. Tossu wading shoes were developed to be a more rigid to support one’s foot in all possible conditions. The 2.0 version has been modified to be even stronger. We replaced the rubber wear protector with a PVC one so we...

  • Simms Flyweight Access Boot


    Simms Flyweight Access Boot

    Simms Flyweight Access Boot NEW 2022! Your lean, mean trail-to-river machine — the new Simms Flyweight Access Men's Wading Boots cut ounces in exchange for maximum output, relentless grip, and standup stability and comfort. Optimised for...

  • Vision Atom Wading Boot


    Vision Atom Wading Boot

    ATOM WADING BOOT Atom is traditional fabric shoe and lightest in our range. Therefore, it is ideal for those who like to travel and for those who don’t need the maximum support of their wading shoes. The front part’s PVC material is...

  • Vision Koski Wading Boot


    Vision Koski Wading Boot

    KOSKI WADING BOOT Strong but lightweight Koski shoe is made from durable PVC material. This material doesn’t absorb water like fabrics, so it dries quicker and feels lighter. The PVCs characteristics make this shoe very supportive and gives the...

  • Vision Hopper wading boot


    Vision Hopper wading boot

    Hopper wading boots are very light in weight and therefore great for traveling fisherman. They are made out of strong nylon material and reinforced with a raised rubber bumper. The shoe opens up wide so it is very easy to put on and the nylon lace loops...

  •  Simms G4 Pro wading boot


    Simms G4 Pro wading boot

    Just landed! The all new G4 pro wading boot is one of the toughest and most High-tech wading boot Simms has ever made. These boots have been designed specifically to give you maximum comfort and durability .The brand new Vibram Idrogrip sole has built-in...

  • Simms Rivertek BOA


    Simms Rivertek BOA

    Free Shipping!   LIGHTWEIGHT, LONG-DISTANCE CHARGERS WITH ON-DEMAND FIT Powered by a hard-charging aesthetic and on-the-go adjustability, the Rivertek™ 2 Boa® is a force both on the trail and in the drink. Underfoot, Simms' stalwart...

  • Simms Flyweight wading boot


    Simms Flyweight wading boot

    If the call of high mountain streams and the path less traveled ring true for you, our Flyweight Boot offers an incredibly lightweight design to help you answer the high-mountain call. The low-profile design maintains full wading boot functionality and...

  • Simms Headwater BOA Wading Boot


    Simms Headwaters BOA Wading Boot

    Feel the current. Read the water. Move with confidence. Exploring the river is what we, as anglers, do. And you don't need years of experience to understand that good footing is part of becoming intimate with your environment. Our Headwaters®...

  • Vision Tossu


    Vision Tossu

    Our new Tossu wading boots included some serious product development and investments to production. We wanted to develop a shoe with more rigid structure to support one’s foot in all possible conditions. Tossu has a totally new and unique moulded...

    MSRP: $289.95
  • Simms Freestone Wading Boot


    Simms Freestone Wading Boot

    THE CLASSIC, REBORN – WITH STREAMTREAD™ Reengineered from the studs up, Simms’ hard-working Freestone® Boot features superior traction and support at a comfortable price. Source classic style and bomber durability via a synthetic...

  • Simms Rip Rap Shoe


    Simms Rip Rap Shoe

    DESCRIPTION Fishing environments can throw plenty of obstacles at your feet. And Simms recognizes that a performance shoe, just like your boots, must keep pace with these blistering underfoot demands. The Riprap has a casual look and feel, but it’s...

  • Simms G3 Guide Boot


    Simms G3 Guide Boot NEW

    Simms G3 Guide™ Wading Boot   Time spent on the river is knowledge. And the more time you spend on the river, the more your gear needs to perform at a high level. Our G3 Guide™ Wading Boot is designed with working guides in mind...