Soft Plastics

  • Berkley - Soft Plastics DVD

    If he was any more excited he'd EXPLODE! In this DVD Adam "Mad Dog" Royter takes you on a journey in to the sparkly world of Berkley Soft Plastics. Everything from Bream to Mulloway, boat hulls to break walls and much, much more! Adam will show you...

  • Berkley - Top 2 Bottom DVD

    From highland Trout and fierce Bass, coastal Bream and Flathead to monster Snapper, Kingfish and more, team Berkley "Get's 'Em On!" And with the New Zealand special section, this DVD covers it all, from top 2 bottom!

  • Berkley Bluewater - The Gulp Experience DVD

    This fishing DVD will take you into new fishing territory. Michael Guest, Mark Phillips and Adam Royter are three anglers with years of "reel" experience that has enabled them to land all manner of species from the deep and Gulp is the reason. Cast...

  • Starlo & Bushys Squidgy Secrets Part 4 DVD

    Starlo & Bushys Squidgy Secrets Part 4 DVD

    The Squidgy range of soft plastic tails, jig heads and other accessories has been specifically developed to suit Australian conditions.  Australian fish and Australian anglers.  Starlo and Bushy and friends recap the deadliest techniques,...