Primal Fly Rods

This rod range is intended to make a fantastic upgrade option for anglers who are looking to make the next step up having got into fly fishing with an entry level package. 

For those who enjoy the technology aspect of fly rods – At the heart of all Primal rods is a helical core of Nano matrix prepreg. In simple terms the first layer at the core of the fly rods are off-axis fibres that give the rods incredible hoop strength as well as torsional stability.  This makes the rods not only strong but means they cast a very smooth tight loop with very little tip bounce and exceptional tracking.  Less sideways movement of the rod blank while casting means more accurate, smoother casting.

  • Primal Fly Rods

    Primal Contact 10ft 3Wt Fly Rod

      Primal Contact Euro Nymph Fly rod. Super Value with hard rod tube The Primal range CONTACT euro nymphing fly rods are just the gateway tools you need to explore the world of contact nymphing.

  • Primal RAW

    Primal Fly Rods

    Primal RAW

    The RAW freshwater series of fly rods feature an ultra-high modulus prepreg of 65 and 57 MSI fibres held together with an extremely strong nano resin. This resin is so strong they were able to reduce the resin content to half of what would normally be...

  • Primal MEGA

    Primal Fly Rods

    Primal MEGA

    The MEGA saltwater series rods are built to handle aggressive saltwater predators from New Zealand kingfish, Australian Permit right through to all of the different species available in the tropics. As with the Primal RAW freshwater series, the improved...