• Shimano Revolution Travel

    Shimano Revolution Travel

    Travel rods aren’t necessarily just for jet setters though. In the car, on public transport, even people who don’t know have a lot of storage space at home point shouldn’t miss out on using quality fishing tackle. Like the standard...

  • Shimano TCurve Revolution Travel Bluewater rods


    Shimano TCurve Revolution Travel Bluewater rods

    Tcurve Revolution Travel Rods The Revolution Travel series delivers a variety of high quality rods that anglers can travel with anywhere in the world, and be confident of knocking over some sizeable fish. With a choice of light, medium and heavy...

  • Shimano Raider Travel Rods


    Shimano Raider Travel Rods

    Raider Travel Inshore Rods With Shimano engineers and master rod craftsman Ian Miller on the case, you can be sure of not only meticulous design and quality materials, but also be confident that the Raider Travel Inshore rods will be functional tools...