Vision Fly Lines

At Armadale Angling we stock a great range of Vision Fly Lines for all your Fly Fishing needs .

Quality Fly Lines at great, affordable prices .

  • Vision Attack Fly Line


    Vision Attack Fly Line

    The Vision Attack range is an economical weight forward line, clearly visible with a slick surface and good floating ability.  Designed  to serve both beginners and advanced fishermen. The result was that our pros nearly ripped these lines out...

  • Vision Tane Fly Line


    Vision Tane Fly Line

    Tane fly line is available both as a traditional weight forward (WF) line with a 11m head and as a double taper (DT) line. The new coating used in this line is the result of long and extensive testing in Finland and beyond. This slightly thinner than...

  • Vision Merisuola Fly Line


    Vision Merisuola Fly Line

    Saltwater fly fishing is becoming more and more popular in Europe. Vision has already been offering specially designed tackle for saltwater fanatics for years. Two years ago we decided to put some extra efforts into this field and started the Project...

  • Vision XO fly line


    Vision XO fly line

    High-floating XO is our most advanced flyline. It has our new STD™ taper making it one of the easiest casting all round fly lines. This provides outstanding control when shooting as well as carrying a long line out at all distances. The STD™ taper also...