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Scott G Series Fly Rod review.


In the age of Ultra-fast actions, it is a true "breath of fresh air" to see a focus being put back on to perfecting the medium action fly rod. This rod pays respect to traditional fly rod actions, however vastly more refined through the use of Scott's latest technologies. One key feature that gives the Scott G Series its un-paralleled smoothness is the reinvented hollow internal ferrule, which allows a seamless flex all the way through the rod blank. When you cast this rod you'd swear it's all one single piece. It flexes deep yet remains extremely stable and just snaps back to straight with zero tip bounce. The Soft tip sections makes this rod a dream for in close work, and allows you to drop the fly exactly where you want it with the utmost delicacy.

The G Series however is far from being a one-dimensional presentation dry-fly rod. It also has the power in the mid section to generate high line speed for those medium to long distance casts and yet somehow still drop the fly delicately.


Like all Scott fly rods, the G Series is stunning with its amber guide binds paired with natural finish blank. Our experience from having used and sold this rod for a while now is that is very true to line class and the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity, Scientific Anglers Amplitude Trout, Rio InTouch Gold or Rio InTouch Technical trout are all sensational lines for this rod.


The 7'7" #3 would have to be the ultimate twig for creeks and single dry flies.


The 8'4" #4 is a superb option if you only wanted one rod for all Victorian, NSW and Tasmanian rivers.


The 8'8" #5 could possibly be one of the finest dry fly trout rods we have used for this part of the world.



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