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Daiwa Infeet

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  • Manufactured by: Daiwa



The two Infeet rods deliver the ultimate combination of pure finesse, sensitivity and casting performance.Tournament bream fishing gets more demanding and competitive, and so fish get even more familiar with specialized techniques, ultra light finesse fishing is the only way to put the points on the board. With this in mind Daiwa introduce two specific models designed for ultra-light soft plastics and small hard bodies. The new Infeet rods are the ultimate in design for the finesse angler.Both models are built for ultra light lines, they feature ultra smooth silicone carbide guides to reduce line friction and the regular progressive bend in the blank displays unmatched even line pressure to eliminate line breakage. These are the finesse anglers choice for the bream tournament season.
The RF68-T is one of our most popular finesse crank baiting rods for bream. It is the ideal choice for small fine hooked lures like Gekkabijin Yogiri, Yonagi and Baby Cranks, due to is soft parabolic action. The soft tip to mid section loads quickly for flat accurate casting and when you do hook up it will fold away so easily, absorbing the impact so you won't pull the hooks. This rod is ideal for straight through fluorocarbon line fishing.
The RF 74-T is the ideal bream rod for long distance casting on flats or along rock walls or structure. It has a soft tip to help cast light lures and feel the slightest tap yet its mid and butt section is powerful for long casts and will move a fish away from structure quickly. It's perfectly suited to braid or fluorocarbon fishing.
Both models are best matched with the MX 2004 spinning reel, Brave Fluorocarbon and fine braids like Tournament Hyper PE.
Super performance high modulus carbon blanks
Ultra sensitive tubular tip section
Fuji LBD, LSG & YSG new concept chrome silicone carbide guides
Daiwa's ergonomic reel seats
Ultra hard EVA grips
Technique specific actions

Model Type Sections Length Jig Size Line Rating
RF68-T Spin 2 203 cm 1-7g 2 - 5 lb
RF74-T Spin 2 224 cm 3-10g PE 0.3-0.6, Nylon 2-5lb