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Daiwa Emeraldas MX

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  • Manufactured by: Daiwa


New Emeraldas MX

Refinement, beauty and greatness are all defining qualities that come to mind when describing the legendary Emeraldas name. A name synonymous with egi fishing, the Emeraldas brand is a stamp of excellence, a mark of reliability and an ensurity of unrivaled performance and quality.
Two of the newest additions to the Emeraldas family continue this tradition of excellence and once again confirm when it comes to squiding/eging there’s no name that has the pre-eminence of the Emeraldas name.

Demanding on equipment and requiring tackle of unique design and performance, Emeraldas tackle is the ultimate gear for the ultimate egi experience.

Challenging and exacting when it comes to the tackle required squiding requires the use of fine diameter braids and leader for maximum casting distance, superior line control and extreme sensitivity. Only eging designed rods meet these exacting demands, and only Emeraldas rods deliver ultimate eging performance.