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Nitro 007 Magnum Butt

Price :
  • Model: NS0025
  • Manufactured by: Nitro


The 5-piece Magnum Butt Traveller is a "genetic" derivation of the universally popular 2-piece Magnum Butt, now adapted to accompany the wander-lust angler to distant angling destinations in search of big fish. Packing down to just 58.5cms in its carry-case the "007 Mag" Butt will slip unobtrusively into a duffel bag and escape all the baggage restrictions and security hassles that accompany two and one-piece rods. Designed to give the angler peace-of-mind travel with the greatest latitude in handling a variety of fish species, this 4-6kg multi-piece rod is the perfect accompaniment to that next Weipa trip. But the "007 Mag" Butt is more than just a travel rod; its compact size making ideal for kayak anglers, or those anglers who simply want to have an easily stowed rod, in the car, ready for use.

Length: 7'6"
Sections: 5
Line: 4-6kg
Lure Weight: 1/3oz - 1 1/3oz (9-40 grams)